Tom Brakke, CFA provides advice to the leaders of investment organizations, including asset managers, institutional asset owners, and wealth management firms. His broad experience enables him to analyze a particular organization in the context of the overall investment ecosystem, by knowing the capabilities and motivations of rivals, suppliers, partners, and clients.

All of Tom’s work is focused on improving current practices and identifying new ideas for leaders to consider. He regularly deals with issues of organizational design, investment process, decision making, the application of technology, the development of human capital, and the effective communication of investment ideas internally and externally.

Tom has evaluated many investment organizations himself and has studied the due diligence and manager selection practices of other allocators. His workshops, writings, and presentations on the topics mix research, logic, and creativity to present new possibilities to consider.

In addition to the due diligence and manager selection newsletter that he writes, Tom publishes The Prudent Fiduciary Digest (readings for institutional asset owners), as well as the research puzzle and research puzzle pieces (blogs about decision making and organizations). He is the author of Letters to a Young Analyst.

You can learn more about Tom at his home page and consulting site, or by following him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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