Consulting Engagements

Tom Brakke provides a variety of consulting services to investment organizations, including assistance with due diligence and manager selection practices.

Most engagements involve onsite work, but in some situations all of the interaction takes place via phone, video conference, email, and/or an electronic workgroup. While there are obvious advantages to onsite visits, many projects can be done from a distance, an alternative that is especially appropriate for those with a limited budget.

Engagements can be structured in a variety of ways. Most onsite visits include interviews with people involved in different parts of the process, to understand the organization holistically and to identify gaps between the stated goals and the current practice. Getting an in-depth look stimulates new ideas for consideration.

In other cases, the leaders of the organization want to evaluate the existing strategy and structure, or to consider their competitive options, without the broader involvement (and greater expense) of a more complete independent review.

The engagements are not one-size-fits-all. They are structured in a way to fit your organization, its needs, and your budget.

Flat-fee projects and retainer relationships are standard, since they offer a client an identifiable cost for the services, but some clients prefer to pay by the hour. Tom works behind the scenes and does not disclose the names of his clients (although they are free to reveal the relationship if they choose).

Questions? Send Tom an email or schedule a call.