Tom Brakke has spoken to many investment industry groups and organizations, from small groups to large. His focus is on identifying areas for improvement in traditional industry practice.

A member of the CFA Institute Approved Speakers List, Tom has presented at two CFA Institute conferences and many local CFA societies, as well as scores of other industry events. He is experienced at speaking to audiences of institutional investors and allocators at investment advisory firms of different kinds.

Tom’s presentation to the 2016 CFA Institute Wealth Management Conference, “Rethinking Due Diligence and Manager Selection” is one of the most popular recent articles published in the CFA Institute Conference Proceedings Quarterly.

Other recent topics have included “Creativity in the Investment Process,” “Investment Beliefs and Actions,” “Fixing Your Investment Committee,” and “The Missing Link: Communications.”

Information about Tom’s recent speaking engagements can be found on SpeakerHub.

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