Workshops at Your Organization

The content of in-house workshops is usually similar to that of the public workshops, but they are tailored to the needs of each specific organization.

Some want to focus more on improving due diligence techniques, while others are interested in creating a better manager selection process. Meeting the particular needs of an organization means that the workshops can vary considerably in length and scope. Each is designed in cooperation with the hosting organization.

For example, the due diligence practices, research output, and decision making frameworks of the organization can be reviewed in advance to identify where improvements can be made.

The approach to examining the issues can also vary considerably from a public workshop. The familiarity of the participants allows for different kinds of interactions that can identify areas that need improvement, while having an outside party involved can help to surface hidden issues that haven’t been properly addressed.

The cost of a workshop varies depending upon its length, the number of participants, and the topics to be addressed. Workshops can be combined with other consulting services to fit the needs of any organization.

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