The work of tjb research involves analyzing investment organizations (and the investment functions of organizations with other missions) and helping the leaders of them to identify current areas for improvement and future developments that should be the focus of examination and discussion. All engagements will be virtual for the time being.


Tom Brakke has worked with and analyzed organizations from across the investment ecosystem, including asset managers, institutional asset owners, investment advisory firms, consultants, research firms, and other service providers. Their leaders share an interest in building an organization that is proactive, sustainable, adaptable, and dependable under pressure.


The most common service provided is an independent review. Its goal is to evaluate an organization (or a particular aspect of it) in order to provide its leaders with an unbiased assessment of it. While some clients are trying to right the ship, many are high-performing organizations that want an outside perspective as part of their ongoing process of continuous improvement. (See this for further thoughts about independent reviews.)

In some cases, the focus is on education and training. Sessions can be customized for the leaders of organizations, for small or large groups of staff members, or for fiduciaries that sit on governing boards or committees. (More information is available on the training page.)

Leaders often need a sounding board. Tom can serve as an outside advisor, offering feedback and bringing needed ideas for consideration that otherwise might not be voiced within the organization.

In some cases, tjb research is asked to work on behalf of one organization to perform due diligence, give assessments of one or more current or potential providers of services, and offer recommendations. As a result, the services may be subject to the regulations that pertain to the provision of investment advice.

Example engagements

Each engagement is different. Here are some examples of work done by Tom Brakke:

Engagement arrangements

Each engagement is customized according to a particular organization, its available resources, and its beliefs and goals. Therefore, the recommendations often differ between organizations that are outwardly similar in structure and purpose.

Most relationships involve onsite work, but some services are provided via phone or electronic communication.

tjb research may be compensated in three ways: by the hour, on a project basis, or on retainer. Most engagements are performed for a flat fee that includes all expenses, since that eliminates any uncertainty about the total cost for the client. The names of clients are not divulged, except at their request or by mutual agreement.

The work of tjb research is guaranteed as to quality and timeliness. If a client thought that the work did not add value commensurate with the fee, the price or the work product would be adjusted. (It hasn’t happened yet.)

Questions? Send Tom an email or schedule a call or a Zoom session.