Tom Brakke has extensive experience delivering presentations to audiences of various kinds, including investment professionals, fiduciaries, and individuals without direct experience in the investment world. From small groups like boards and committees to large conferences, he tailors each presentation to connect with the audience while providing innovative ideas on the topic at hand.

Over time, Tom has presented on many different topics, all focused on evaluating and improving investment organizations. Currently, he is only doing remote presentations. Wherever you are in the world, Tom can add value to your conference, client event, or internal meeting.

Tom is a member of the CFA Institute’s Approved Speakers Program, and has presented at twenty local CFA societies, a CFA Institute Wealth Management Conference, and the 2016 CFA Institute Annual Conference. He led an “extended session” (a longer-than-normal time slot that allowed for more in-depth examination of due diligence and manager selection) at the 2019 CFA Institute Annual Conference in London. He has also given presentations at many other industry conferences and organizations.

You may find out more information about Tom’s speaking activities at SpeakerHub.

Questions? Send Tom an email or schedule a call or a Zoom session.