There are a range of training and education opportunities for investment organizations available through tjb research. At the current time, all training is conducted virtually. For those interested in manager research training, an online course is available; all other training activities are customized for a specific organization.

Public due diligence workshops

These two-day workshops (which are augmented by readings and one-on-one consultations) offer a deep dive into the best practices and next practices in due diligence and manager selection. Capital allocators from a wide variety of organizations have participated in these intensive sessions.

In-house meetings and workshops

The benefits of having an outside party being involved in education and training within an organization include bringing new ideas to the table (and challenging outdated ones) in an impartial fashion. Tom Brakke has experience in facilitating groups of investment professionals and other interested parties, and in assisting organizations in the development of innovative approaches to problems and opportunities.

There are education and training needs at every organization. The workshops, presentations, and facilitated meetings are customized for each organization depending on its place in the investment ecosystem and its unique circumstances.

Common topics

Due diligence and provider selection. In a business where a variety of providers are selected as agents, properly investigating and evaluating them is of prime importance. Tom Brakke’s experience in training individuals and organizations (including consulting, presentations, and the public workshops referenced above) allows him to tailor sessions to address the specific needs of an organization.

Industry change. The investment industry has entered into a period of increasing change and outright disruption. While the impending changes are most acute for asset managers, all organizations should be educating themselves on the implications for existing ways of investing and for the partners on which they rely.

Asset manager positioning. Given the increasingly difficult environment, asset managers need new strategies for investment success and for meeting the interests and needs of clients in ways that reflect the emerging environment. The standard industry playbook (and pitch books) when it comes to marketing need to be reworked.

Communication. Organizations need good communication to function well, both internally and externally. Many investment organizations struggle because of communication issues. Tom Brakke has worked with a variety of organizations on the effective communication of investment ideas among investment professionals and with other stakeholders.

Governance. The successful operation of an investment function can be impeded in a variety of ways by poor governance practices. An investment committee or its equivalent might be structured poorly, focused on the wrong decisions, or just plain dysfunctional. For asset owners, the emergence of the outsourced chief investor (OCIO) model and other trends mean that previous approaches should be reevaluated.

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