Tom Brakke writes about the “how” of the investment world, primarily focusing on improving current practices within organizations.

The Investment Ecosystem

A broad-based platform for content of interest to investment professionals, The Investment Ecosystem.

You can see below the genesis of some of the ten categories of content on the site. Tom serves as its editor and principal author, which will grow over time to include other features.

the research puzzle

The original writing vehicle for Tom was the research puzzle, which featured longer essays on important topics regarding investment analysis and organizations. The focus was on creative (that is, atypical) ways of looking at problems and opportunities in the investment world and within organizations. Historical posts are available, but beginning in 2021, new posts can be found in The Research Puzzle category of The Investment Ecosystem.

Letters to a Young Analyst

This ebook (now in its second edition) is based upon Tom Brakke's popular "letters to a young analyst" series from 2010. The book starts with those letters and includes much more material for the aspiring investment professional, including advice and commentary from a dozen top industry veterans, and two longer letters from Tom, written in 2014 and 2019. The last section of the book is full of links to great resources.

In addition, those purchasing the book receive a two-month subscription to The Investment Ecosystem. The Learning Curve category there was inspired by Letters.

Other writings

Two other publications also will live on, in a sense, within The Investment Ecosystem.

The Prudent Fiduciary Digest was a newsletter that addressed the issues and interests of institutional asset owners, which will be a focus of the Asset Owner category.

Another newsletter, on due diligence and manager selection, will find its next generation in the Due Diligence categoy.

Tom also posts occasional articles on LinkedIn and has written articles for other investment publications. At times he does ghostwriting for organizations.

Outside of the investment arena, Tom writes a personal blog that touches on a wide variety of topics of interest to him.

Questions? Send Tom an email or schedule a call or a Zoom session.